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Taxumo’s 7th Birthday Blog

Seven years ago, a real-world problem persisted into our personal lives. You probably have heard the story: my life partner (and Taxumo co-founder) Ginger was having a problem managing taxes for her business. It was something that took so much of her time that it drained her energy away from other things (like our family!) To help her, I created a rough version of what would eventually evolve to become Taxumo. We thought, why don’t we bring this solution to more Filipino small business owners and self-employed professionals? That was the beginning of what would change the lives of 80,000 plus customers: an easier way to file and pay taxes.


In 2015, before we officially launched, we began talking to the Bureau of Internal Revenue to certify us as an electronic tax service provider. Back then the certification for a tax service provider like us didn’t exist, so we’re proud to have spurred the agency into doing that. We thank them for trusting us to deliver the mission of every Filipino citizen with the most ease.


Out of a vision to simplify the complexities of taxation for everyone, allow us to brag a little and share the incredible progress we have made and the countless businesses we have helped.

From our humble beginnings, Taxumo has grown into a leading tax technology company, serving self-employed professionals, freelancers, and small business owners across the Philippines. Our commitment to innovation, user-friendliness, and unwavering customer support has enabled us to build a strong and vibrant community of users.


As we look back on this journey, here are some key highlights that defines why we do what we do:


Empowering Entrepreneurs

Our mission has always been to empower entrepreneurs and business owners by removing the burden of tax compliance. We have seen thousands of businesses flourish with the peace of mind that Taxumo provides.


In 2020, businesses like yours (and us) endured one of the most life-changing experiences yet. The COVID-19 pandemic disarmed even the strongest of us and stripped us of ways to survive.


With our mission to support as our stronghold, we launched Taxumo Lifeline—a product designed to help dormant businesses to stay compliant with their taxes at a low fee of Php 200. This we did alongside providing free subscription plans for medical professionals and frontliners.


We at Taxumo actively look for ways to reach and support more Filipinos, that is why we work with partners like the Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) as we go around the country to do free tax education and knowledge-sharing.

Building a #MauTAX Community

Our Taxumo community has grown into a thriving ecosystem of support, knowledge-sharing, and networking. The bonds we’ve forged within this community have been truly inspiring.


It has always been part of our company’s DNA to connect with communities and build bonds. Over the years, we have advocated for communities and brands that share the same passion as ours: support you can rely on.


We work with Innovation for Social Impact Partnership (ISIP), Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT), Canva for Freelancers & Negosyantes, Upwork, and Viber Philippines (and other stakeholders) to connect with communities better and extend knowledge-sharing activities that aim to empower each and every Filipino taxpayer.


Oh, and did you know that we’re now doing videos? We’re publishing videos more frequently to provide you bite-sized tax tips to make you “mau-tax in minutes”

Making Taxes More Easier to Pay

Taxumo has always been at the forefront of innovation in tax technology. We have consistently adapted and evolved our platform to keep pace with changing tax regulations, making it easier than ever for our users to manage their taxes efficiently.


I’m glad to say that the Taxumo culture we’ve built is always putting customer’s welfare at the forefront. We have a customer-first mindset: listening, asking, gathering more feedback. This is what led us to launch Taxumo’s Bill Pay Delay.


We launched Bill Pay Delay in 2023 as the prime solution to one of the most common pain points of our customers: not enough money left to pay for tax dues. We’ve set our eyes to vanquishing that dreaded enemy of taxpayers: tax bill shock!

A Vision of the Future

Trust us when we say that our commitment to excellence will continue through the years ahead. We are excited to walk with you on our journey of innovation, expansion, and helping even more businesses thrive. In the coming months, you can expect more exciting updates and new features that will further simplify tax compliance.


Thank you for believing in a Filipino tech startup.


Thank you for believing in Taxumo’s mission.


Thank you for believing in yourself and the power of your dreams.


Taxumo wouldn’t be where it is today without your wholehearted trust, which we cherish deeply.


Let’s #TaxItEasy so you can #FocusMoreOnYourPassion.


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