Brand New 2551Q Form (Quarterly Percentage Tax) with 8% Opt In

By April 26, 2018Tax reform, TRAIN
Brand New 2551Q Form (Quarterly Percentage Tax) with 8% Opt In

On April 25, on the deadline of filing the Quarterly Percentage Tax Form, the BIR released RMC 26-2018 which has the new 2551Q form and the submission procedures for manual, eBIRForms, and eFPS.

The new 2551Q Form now has a field where you can indicate whether you’re opting in to the 8% Flat Income Tax Rate. Also, SPOILER ALERT: 2551Q is not yet updated on eBIRForms and eFPS.

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So for the procrastinators who put off their tax filing until the very last day of the deadline, congratulations!  😉

For the rest of us, it’s unlikely that the BIR will penalize us for not using the new 2551Q form when we submitted given the timing when they released this RMC. Moving forward, though, we have to make sure we’re filing this new one. The next deadline is on July 2018.

While we’re on the topic, if you missed filing your 2551Q, then you may no longer be eligible for the 8% Flat Income Tax Rate anymore. Basing on RR 08-2018, you had to make sure you filed your 2551Q on time. You can read more about our breakdown of that RR and how to opt in to 8% by visiting this article:

How to Avail of the 8% Income Tax Rate on Gross Sales/Receipts

Having said that, there is a glimmer of hope. We noticed that the RDO’s are implementing things differently. If so, perhaps your RDO doesn’t see missing your 2551Q filing as a reason for ineligibility. To be sure, it would be best to call your RDO.

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  • Alex Flores says:

    Hi good pm ask ko lang po.. so d na po magfifile ng 2551M monthly?
    Quarterly na lang po? thanks

    • EJ Arboleda says:

      According to the BIR RDOs, yes no need. HOWEVER, please do check with your RDO to be sure. We’re hearing reports that some RDO’s seem to be implementing things differently. It’s confusing, I understand – but it is what it is (and with your support and patronage, something we can fix!) 😀

  • Faith says:

    We are non vat homeowners association and previously using 2551M and 1702RT. Do we need to comply on the quarterly payment or just the yearly payment? What forms do we need to use under the train law. Thank you so much for your help.

    • EJ Arboleda says:

      You have to comply with the quarterly payments. 🙂 You can read our other articles here about TRAIN to understand what else would impact you. Do note that most of these articles are aimed towards self-employed individuals so they might not be applicable in your case.

  • Jiez says:

    Hello Sir EJ, I have one question though, should I still file the 2551Q if I already opt-in for 8% gross receipt tax? I’m still confused with this. Thank you in advance.

    • EJ Arboleda says:

      If you opted in to 8%, then there should be no need. However, the RDO’s may be implementing this differently so best for you to check with your RDO and ask. Thru Taxumo you can file 2551Q’s even if you’re on 8% — they’ll be zero tax forms.

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