How to Transfer Your RDO Using BIR Form 1905

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Congratulations! You’ve finally decided to resign from your job and go full time into your profession. Whether you’re going to become a freelancer, a licensed professional, or a small business owner, you’re now your own boss! Now to make sure that things are on the up and up, the first thing you’ll have to do is transfer your RDO – from the RDO of your employer to YOUR RDO. Fortunately, the process is easy and quite painless by using the BIR Form 1905.

  1. Find out in which RDO your TIN is now. Most likely, your employer moved your TIN to their RDO. To confirm, you can call the BIR Contact Center at 981-7003, 981-7020, 981-7040, or 981-7046. If they can’t help you, you may have to go to the RDO and inquire. It’s fairly quick though and they can look up in which RDO your TIN is in.
  2. Fill out the BIR Form 1905. You can get a copy here but we do recommend that you check the BIR website to see if there’s an updated copy. Here’s what you place in the fields:
    1. First: Your TIN
    2. Second: Your RDO
    3. Third: Your Name
    4. PART II: Tick Letter E: Change in Registered Address
    5. Field 4E: Chances are, you’re moving to another RDO. If you are, tick the box that says “Transfer of Home RDO,” then place the From RDO and the To RDO (the RDO of your new address). Afterwards, write your new address (most likely your home address if you’re a home-based freelancer), your Zip Code, and Telephone Number. If you are transferring within the same RDO but a different address, then tick the box that says “Transfer within Same RDO”. Write your address, zip code, and telephone number.
    6. Field 5: Write and sign. For the title, you may place your official title or just “Taxpayer”
  3. Bring the BIR Form 1905 to your OLD RDO. In around 1 week, processing should be done and your TIN should now be registered in your new RDO.

This is just the first step in legitimizing your new business. After this, you’ll fill out your Form 1901, get some books stamped, and finally get your COR. And you’re off!

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  • Franz Nico Miranday says:

    Hi sir, what if po from Luzon yung old rdo then transfer to visayas? Hope for your asap response.

  • Rex espartero says:

    Hi sir,paano po ba mg transfer ng old RDO 112 to RDO 113 ppunta po ako ngayon sa BIR tagum to say transfer my old to new RDO galing po ako kahapon sa BIR davao punta ako tagum city to transfer how po sir?

  • Rachelle says:

    Kindly give me email adress of Maam Ma.Delacruz? were I can EMAIL my 1905 Transfer from Rdo41 to Rdo15..I fax ko po sna pero ang sabe email n lng daw po…kc wala fax machine. THANK YOU…

    • EJ Arboleda says:

      Hi Rachelle, we don’t have that information. Also, just to be sure we’re on the same page, we are not the BIR. 🙂 It may be better to call the BIR contact center for this concern at 981-7003, 981-7020, 981-7040, or 981-7046.

  • Michelle says:

    Hi EJ! Is the 1905 also the same form to use to change name? Say from single to married name? Is it also required to change everything like passport, prc id, license to that new name? Thank you!

  • Erickson says:

    Good morning. My employer is in mandaluyong as well as my rdo. I have a new business in qc. Do i need to transfer my rdo to qc? I am not resigning with my employer. I am using just one tin for my business and as employee.

  • Em says:

    Hello, Sir EJ. Pwede ba employer yung mgdadala nung form ng resigning employee sa BIR? o yung employee mismo dapat pupunta dun?

    • EJ Arboleda says:

      Another person can file your 1905 for you. As long as you give them special power of attorney. Most likely your employer, however, won’t be able to do that — you’ll likely have to do it yourself.

  • Angeline says:

    what are the requirements needed for changing of RDO besides filling up form 1905? do we need to bring anything? thank you!

    • EJ Arboleda says:

      When I submitted my 1905, I didn’t really bring anything else. Just that! To be sure though, best to bring a government issued photo ID at least. Oh, also bring P500 for the processing fee. 🙂

  • lalaine says:

    hi can you process the transfer while you’re still rendering or you’ll have to wait until you’re officially unemployed from ur prev company before you start the transfer process? thanks!

  • maricel jadera says:

    Sir/mam wat if po kung close n ung old company na pinagtrabahuan ko anu po gagawin?

    • EJ Arboleda says:

      Hi Maricel, if the company you worked for before closed and you moved to another company, you will have to file your income tax yourself. Only those who were with one company within the year can get substituted filing. Hope I was able to answer your concern!

  • Sonny says:

    Good day. I have a new employer today. I was told to transfer my tin from my old rdo to their rdo. Is it my job or is it theirs? Thanks

    • EJ Arboleda says:

      Yours. No one else can change that information since it’s YOUR TIN. Now some companies may have a runner who can help but, ultimately, it would be your responsibility. 🙂

  • Irene Igna says:

    Good morning sir, ask ko lang kc yung sa anak ko is nag end of contract na po sya last year pa.. At nung kkunin nya na back pay nya, need daw po ng tin id. (Since ung employer nya po ang nag apply ng tin pero wla po narelease na i.d sa kanya) then nung nagpunta nman po sya ng BIR dun din po nakita na mali ung last name nya. So nag file nman po sya ng 1905 (change in trade name) at nung kkuha na po ulit ng i.d sabi ng BIR na need nya magtransfer ng rdo from 039 to rdo 036. At kailangan nya pa mag fax, contact sa old rdo. At bnigyan nnman sya ng form 1905 (change in registered address). Paano po ba talaga ang gagawin? Parang pinagpapasahan na kasi eh..

    • EJ Arboleda says:

      Hi Irene, your child’s employer is most likely in RDO 039. So when they registered for your daughter/son, they likely registered in their own RDO. Now that your child is dealing directly with the BIR and updating her records, she first has to change the RDO to HER RDO (not her company’s). In this case this is RDO 036. Once that’s done, then she can request for all the changes she needs. All of this passing people around is an unfortunately consequence of the RDO being decentralized.
      If your child is registered and s/he needs to file her/his returns, s/he may want to try out Taxumo. It works NATIONWIDE, regardless of RDO so s/he can file her/his returns from anywhere. 🙂

  • Rahem s ocusan says:

    Panu po kung nasa makati ang RDO ko tapus may bago akung work dito sa davao.. anu ang dapat gawin!

  • Jenifer Sario says:

    sir possible poh b process ng change of residence add from RDO 038 to RDO 001 through email lang poh,..d poh kc aq mkakapunta ng manila dto n poh aq nka base s ilocos,..and penge n dn poh email add kung possible. tnxs

  • Theresa Cruz says:

    Hi! Thanks for the useful info. Ask ko lang po if same process po ito in changing the name on their system? Apparently all my BIR papers (1902, previous 1905s, 2305 and 2316) have the correct spelling of my name however when they checked my name via my TIN on their system, the spelling of my name is wrong.

  • Lharvin Lumapas says:

    Ilang days po ba ang process kapag lilipat ka ng RDO?THANKS

  • Roman Jz says:

    Hi sir, how can I request to transfer my RDO code since nka address pa yung RDO ko sa Pasay pa and now I find it hard dahil dito na ako sa Province nagtatrabaho. Hopefully matulungan niyo po ako for the email address ng Pasay BIR po. Thank you!

  • Ruzzell says:

    Hi Sir,

    I’m currently employed but planning to start a business at the same time. After the transfer of RDO, what is the process for updating the status in the new RDO? Also, would transferring of my RDO have any effect on the filing of ITR by my current employer?

  • Rutchen B. Kibapundan says:

    Hello sir! Wat if po ang old RDO q is from manila and im from cebu! Then im advised po na e fax ask q po wer can i get my new 1905 form na transfered na and at the same time may stamped na

    • EJ Arboleda says:

      The BIR will only provide a stamped 1905 form once they accept and process your form. If you want, we may be able to help you by filing your 1905 for you. We’re piloting a new service to help taxpayers with that. If you’re interested, email us at and we can send you the details.

      • Jerald lechedo says:

        Hello sir , my registered rdo is 050 which is from makati and my new employer will be at rdo 083 here in cebu . What should i do sir since i cant go to makati just to process this changes . Can you help me sir for alternatives ? Thanks

  • Ruzzell says:

    Hi Sir.

    I am currently employed and planning on pursuing a business at the same time. Upon checking, I need to transfer from my employer’s RDO to the RDO near my residence. If I transfer to another RDO, will there be any effect on the part of my current employer when filing my ITR? Also, what is the process when updating status to the new RDO?

    • EJ Arboleda says:

      There won’t be any impact. They can still file for you. However, if you need to update any information (such as new dependents), your employer can’t do that for you anymore. You’ll have to do it yourself. 🙂

  • Good morning po sir! Anong procedures po ba ang dapat gawin kapag magpapalipat ng RDO from RDO 38 to RDO 27 kapag OFW or Seafarer po.? Thanks po and GOD bless

    • EJ Arboleda says:

      You mean po kung wala yung taxpayer sa Philippines or, at least, near their RDO? You can have someone else file it on your behalf, if you wish. We’re trying out a service right now for that. Send us a note at [] and we can help you with the RDO change. 🙂

  • julian says:

    Is there anyway to verify where my current rdo online?

  • Gerry says:

    Hello, ask lang po when ang deadline ng filing ng 1901? Sa RDO 54A po sya trece martires cavite. Sabi ng iba nung march 31 pa. Sabi naman ng accounting on april 30? 🤔

  • LEONARD BRYAN castro says:

    So sir kung ang rdo nasa visayas(cebu) at ipapalipat sa luzon(pangasinan) pupunta pa rin ba sa visayas para sa Old RDO??

  • Marry Ann says:

    Good day sir!
    Tanong ko lang po how to change may RDO from RDO 032 to RDO 25A? Kailangan po ba na pumunta pa ako ng RDO 032? From Bulacan pa po kasi ako . Bali ipinakuha ko lang po yung tin ko and then dun po nairegister sa RDO 032. April 12, 2018 po sya nairegister. Ililipat ko po kasi yung work ko po ay sa Deped Pandi South District. Salamat sir.

    • Heidi Micayabas says:

      Hello Mary Ann,
      For RDO transfer, you need to do is to visit RDO 032 and request to be transferred to RDO 25A. Nothing to worry, it’s pretty quick just fill out the BIR 1905 form. In around 1 week, processing should be done and your TIN should now be registered in your new RDO. 🙂

  • Randy Oneuber says:

    Hi, ano po requirements aside 1905 sa change of rdo.. Yun mga employee ang ililipat ng rdo po..

  • jam says:

    need pa ba ng id kung transfer rdo lang naman po? pede magutos?

  • GMV says:

    Hello sir. Ask ko lang po if pwede tao ko mag process ng form ko sa paglipat ng rdo o dapat personal. Please reply. Thank you

  • Mizpa Herbuela says:

    May bayad po ba talaga yung pagtransfer ng RDO? how much po?

  • Christian Brent Cadiz says:

    Hi. Iam currently employed to a new company, however, parehas lang yung rdo kung saan nakaregister yung previous company ko. Ano pong process yung gagawin?

  • Hi, question po pwede po ba ako magpa RDO kahit hindi pa po ako nakakapag clearance sa dati kong job?

  • Hi sir what if yung RDO na kung saan registered ang Tin ko ay nasa cebu pa? So kailangan ko pa pumunta ng cebu para lang makapag submit ako ng form ng 1905? Kailangan ko kasi ipalipat sa bulacan Wala bang ibang way para mapalitan ko pa rin yun?

    • EJ Arboleda says:

      Hi Karen, yes, ganun na nga ang mangyayari. That’s a result of the BIR decentralizing their operations. 🙁 Taxumo does have processing partners who are based in Cebu who may be able to do that for you. Just send us a note via the chat button on our site or via Facebook and we’ll see if we can help you. 🙂

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