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The Essential Guide on How to Get TIN Number for Employees

Navigating the process of how to get TIN number for employees has been made more straightforward with the Bureau of Internal Revenue’s (BIR) introduction of Revenue Memorandum Order (RMO) 37-2019. This order revamps the policies, guidelines, and procedures related to the registration, updating, and transfer of employee information, including the issuance of TIN cards via the eRegistration system. This guide highlights the essential steps and considerations for employers to efficiently manage the TIN registration process for their employees, ensuring compliance with tax regulations.

Understanding the Essentials of RMO 37-2019 for Employee TIN Registration

RMO 37-2019 is pivotal for employers looking into how to get TIN number for employees. It requires that all employees be registered at the Revenue District Office (RDO) corresponding to their employer’s principal place of business, securing a TIN within 10 days from the start of their employment. The move to the BIR’s eRegistration system aims to digitize and simplify the process, minimizing manual submissions and expediting the registration workflow.

Streamlining the Process: Employer’s Role in TIN Registration

A crucial step in how to get TIN number for employees involves the employer’s responsibility in using the eRegistration system for newly hired staff without a TIN, except under specific circumstances such as system unavailability or unique identification issues. This approach not only smooths the registration process but also ensures proper accountability of all employees in the tax system, with employers actively playing a direct role in ensuring compliance.

Securing the TIN Card: Employee’s Involvement

Post-registration, the procedure on how to get TIN number for employees culminates with the issuance of the TIN card, which requires the employee’s personal appearance at the designated RDO. This step highlights the crucial role of a secure and verified identification process, ensuring accurate issuance of the TIN card to the rightful individual. Employees unable to appear in person must provide a Special Power of Attorney, reflecting the BIR’s adaptability in facilitating this process.

Key Tips for a Smooth TIN Registration Experience

  • Verify Existing TINs: Before initiating the process of how to get TIN number for employees, confirm if they already have a TIN to prevent duplicate registrations.
  • Preparation is Key: Ensure readiness for situations where the eRegistration system may become unavailable, and familiarize yourself with alternative registration methods.
  • Inform and Educate: Ensure employees are aware of their role, particularly in securing their TIN card, to foster a collaborative compliance effort.

The introduction of RMO 37-2019 by the BIR marks a significant advancement in simplifying how to get TIN number for employees, promoting a digital-first approach that benefits both employers and employees. By following these updated guidelines, businesses can ensure a compliant, efficient, and streamlined process for TIN registration, contributing to a more organized and responsible tax environment in the Philippines.

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