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Should You Get a Tax Refund?

Alright, let’s dive straight into the world of “annual income tax” and that moment we all secretly hope for – getting a “tax refund.” Ever wonder when the stars align and you actually get money back from the taxman? Well, it’s all about the dance between what’s been taken from your paycheck and what you truly owe the BIR. If there’s a difference, then you may be getting a tax refund.

Here’s the Deal with Tax Refunds

Simply put, a tax refund is on the horizon when your employer has been a bit too enthusiastic with the withholding tax, leaving you having paid more than your fair share. But how do you figure out if you’re in for some refund joy? Let’s unwrap this.

Step 1: Calculate Your Taxable Income

Start with your gross income and then play a game of “spot the non-taxable.” Deduct things like your de minimis benefits, government contributions, and that sweet annual or 13th month bonus up to 90K PHP. What you have left is your taxable income.

Step 2: What’s Your Tax Due?

Next up, grab your taxable income and match it against the BIR’s tax table for individuals. This step tells you exactly how much you should be contributing to the nation’s coffers.

Step 3: Compare with What’s Been Withheld

Time to play detective with your payslips. Add up all the tax that’s been withheld over the year. If this number is greater than what the tax table says you owe, then bingo – you’re in refund territory.

When’s Refund Time?

Typically, your company sorts out the whole tax affair within the first couple of months of the new year. They’ll do all the math for the past year and figure out if they owe you a refund. So technically, the refund comes from your company and not from the BIR.

The Lowdown on Form 2316

Once everything’s said and done, your company hands you a Form 2316. This form is the final word on your income tax for the year, and it also shows the correct tax that should’ve been paid. By this time, any refund that you should receive should have been given to you so that the numbers on your Form 2316 that indicate how much was withheld matches what you were supposed to pay for income taxes.

Is that it?

If you were employed by only one employer in the calendar year AND you don’t have any income from business, then yes, no need to do anything. Otherwise, you’ll have to file your income tax yourself. And that starts with figuring out which form you have to file. Don’t worry — We have a great article about that for you: How to File Your Annual ITR (1701 or 1701A or 1700) Using Taxumo

And there you have it – a straightforward rundown on when to expect a tax refund. Remember, the magic lies in the details of “Form 1700,” “Form 1701,” and keeping a keen eye on your payslips. Who knows? A pleasant surprise might just be around the corner in the form of a tax refund care of the BIR.

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