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BIR Registration Online Seller Deadline Extended

BIR Registration Online Seller Deadline Extended

Taxumo supports Online Sellers on understanding how taxes work in the Philippines

With the recent efforts from BIR to tax online sellers, BIR also announced recently its extension for tax compliance and BIR Registration Online Seller (according to BIR RMC No. 55-2024). This extension gives online sellers additional time to meet their obligations — and Taxumo is here to help ensure that online sellers utilize this period effectively.

We get you – taxes can be a headache. From issuing receipts to figuring out 1% withholding taxes, no doubt that you can easily feel overwhelmed. But Taxumo understands the struggle and knows that for many online sellers, Taxes can get confusing and sometimes frustrating.

That’s why Taxumo is offering online sellers a hand: a free Tax 101 session to clear up some questions that you have with taxes. Our goal is simple: to give online sellers the knowledge and tools they need to succeed in their online business.

In these sessions, online sellers will learn BIR Registration online seller, the basics of taxes and how to fill out forms based on their taxpayer profile (Non-VAT or VAT, which tax rate type is tax budget friendly – 8%, OSD, or Itemized? And more)

At Taxumo, we get the struggles online sellers have with taxes. Some aren’t sure if they should register with the BIR because doing taxes feels like a chore. But hey, don’t let that dim your dreams of running a successful business and living the good life! With Taxumo’s free Tax 101 sessions, they are there to lend a hand. If you’re tired of feeling overwhelmed, book a session with Taxumo. They’ll help you navigate through the confusing taxes.

Already know how to file taxes and you want to take control of your taxes as an Online Seller? Sign up to Taxumo for FREE

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