State of Online Taxation 2021

Who are the online taxpayers?

Who are the Online Taxpayers?

At 49.1%, Filipino sole proprietors are the leading online taxpayers, but only slightly: professionals are a close second, at 47.5%

Top Online Taxpayers, By Gender

Women are still the top online taxpayers - but non-binary taxpayers grew by 23% in Tax Year 2020.

Top Online Taxpayers, By Generation

Millennials are the top online taxpayers by generation. This 2020, the oldest millennial will turn 39, while the youngest will turn 24.

Where are the online Taxpayers Coming From?

NCR is the top region where online taxpayers come from, followed by Region 4A (CALABARZON) at a distant second.

What Tax Forms Are People Filing?

Same as last year, 1701Q and 2551Q are still the top tax forms being filed online in 2020.

Online Taxpayers & Socioeconomic Class

Assessing from their declared income, a lot of online taxpayers could be considered mostly poor or lower middle class. (However, this may not reflect total Income generated by their household.)

How Has Online Taxpayer Income Changed in 2021

67.1% of online taxpayers reported decreased income in 2020 vs 2019: average decrease in income is 49%. Meanwhile, 32.9% of online taxpayers reported increased income 2020 vs 2019: average increase in income is 144%.

Overall Income & Expense Declared on Taxumo


Overall Reported Income


Overall Reported Expense

Since Taxumo began, over 1.5 billion pesos worth of income and close to 650 million pesos in expenses have been declared by online taxpayers on the platform.

Overall Taxes Paid By Online Taxpayers on Taxumo


Overall Taxes Collected

Since Taxumo began, close to 25 million pesos worth of taxes have been collected from online taxpayers.