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Taxumo Heroes: No More Excuses for this BPO Employee’s Lifelong Dream

  • Evan Tan 

For Tiffany Valenzuela, her lifelong dream at first seemed to be just like that–a simple dream that was never coming into life.
All her life, she just wanted one thing: to put up her own convenience store. But after getting a college degree, that dream was put on hold for her regular job.

 Comfortable as the job was, she knew that her heart was still set on realizing her and her sister’s childhood wish.
Finally, she stopped making excuses–and just got started.

Below, she tells more about her inspiring story:

Tell us about your business. When did you start it, and why?

My sister and I have always dreamed of owning our very own 24-hour convenience store, coffee shop, and restaurant just because we were raised around food.

But when we finished college, life got the better of us–plus we both got really good careers in the BPO industry.

Owning a business was just that: a dream.

Fast forward to when we got married and had kids. We were both asking each other how to get rich. Well, not really rich–but how we can give better and comfortable lives to our families.

We kept on going back to our dream.

That was the beginning. We talked and explored and visited a lot of 24-hour stores, coffee shops, and restaurants just to get a more solid idea of what we wanted, which, after doing so and with very little to no money, we said: “Let’s do the convenience store”.

We decided that the summer of 2018 was our season–especially with the kids on their summer vacation.

We haven’t looked back ever since that day.

What were your problems with filing your taxes before you used Taxumo?

Realizing our dream was one thing.

Putting it into motion was different, especially when it came to the legal stuff.

We had no extra manpower, no idea on how to go about it (despite me attending BIR’s orientation). Cash to do all those stuff wasn’t just lying around.

We just knew that we had to have the right permits and pay the right taxes.


How did Taxumo help you manage our business?

Taxumo made me focus on the inventory and sales, rather than worrying about tax due dates and sitting down longer than expected to compute my income, expenses, and whatnot.

Before Taxumo, I had to pay a hefty penalty because I missed filing one form.

Taxumo made sure I filed the right forms and paid on time.


What advice can you give to people who want to own their own convenience store?

Take it all in. No holds barred.

When you start a convenience store–or any business for that matter, you have to commit to it, make it work, and be there, even if it means getting or purchasing the inventory yourself.

You also need to learn how to listen and feel the mark.

Running a business nowadays isn’t just about sell, sell, sell. It’s also about knowing what your market wants and needs.

To know your market, you’ve got to build a relationship with customers, especially the regular ones. They not only patronize your business, but they also bring in new ones too.

I guess it also helps that I still practice the “can-do” attitude I learned over the years.

It’s not easy. But really nothing is when you’re starting out, but it does over time when you love what you do.

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The BIR Registration, Tax Filing, and Payment Struggle

With the overwhelming obligations you need to face inside and outside of your work, it’s hard not to dread taxes.

The confusing BIR registration procedure, the long bank queues, and the hours of getting stuck in traffic just to file your BIR forms–these, along with many other painful tax struggles, make tax filing and payment very unbearable.

Yes, you can choose to hire an accountant or an assistant. But that can be quite costly though. Not just that, you also need to find someone you can fully trust.

We built Taxumo because we know how it feels to get scared about taxes. We’ve been there, too.

Taxumo’s mission is to help you–whether you’re a doctor, a self-employed professional, a freelancer, or a business owner–have a tax stress-free lifestyle.

Like the many people we’ve already helped, we want to free you from the “unnecessary burden of penalties and compromises.”

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