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Why Is 2024 the Perfect Time to Go Legit as a Freelancer in the Philippines

message from Filipino freelancer asking about BIR taxes

Most Filipino freelancers send us messages like the image above: they have no idea how to start turning their freelancing hustle into a legitimate business. If you’re a beginner freelancer, you understand perfectly well that the question of tax registration can feel like a hassle! 


But what if we told you there are benefits to it? There’s no better time than now to embrace your tax responsibilities and open up a future of financial stability and peace of mind. Here’s why:

  1. Reap the Rewards of Compliance: Forget the fear of penalties and audits. Registering your freelance tax grants you legal legitimacy, opening doors to loans, credit cards, and even visa applications. Think about it, you work freelance, you wanna work anywhere in the world. What’s the best way to get visa approved? Legit service! Think of it as building a bridge of trust with the government, paving the way for a smoother entrepreneurial journey.
  2. Claim Your Tax Refunds: Yes, you read that right! Depending on your income and deductions, freelance tax registration can lead to potential refunds. Who doesn’t love reclaiming a chunk of their hard-earned cash? Think of it as a bonus reward for being a responsible citizen and contributing to nation-building.
  3.  Invest in Your Future: By officially acknowledging your income, you unlock access to social security benefits like SSS and PhilHealth. Imagine the safety net of healthcare coverage and retirement security waiting for you down the line – all thanks to taking that crucial step now.
  4.  Embrace Efficiency: Gone are the days of scrambling with receipts and calculations at the last minute. Registering your tax streamlines your financial life, allowing you to focus on what matters most: growing your business and chasing your creative dreams. Imagine the sigh of relief knowing your taxes are in order. Most especially, if you have the most reliable tax sidekick: Taxumo

So, how do you register your freelance tax?


  • Gather your documents: Proof of income like contracts, invoices, and bank statements. Relax, most things can be submitted online!

  • Choose your tax type: BIR Form 1701 if you have just freelance income, or Form 1701A if you have other income sources as well.

  • Go Digital: Skip the lines and sign up for a FREE Taxumo account at

    • Having a Taxumo enables you to register your profession, prepare your tax documents, file your tax forms, and pay your tax dues online! 

  • Seek help if needed: Don’t be afraid to consult tax consultants or get support from vetted Taxumo CPAs at /

Remember, registering your freelance career is an investment in your financial future. Take this opportunity to solidify your status as a responsible, empowered freelancer, reaping the rewards of compliance while enjoying the peace of mind it brings.

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