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How to Check Open Cases in BIR with Taxumo

Navigating life’s journey comes with its share of duties, and among these, managing taxes stands out as a non-negotiable responsibility. However, the complexity of tax obligations can sometimes lead to overlooked or unresolved issues, leaving individuals and business owners wondering how to check open cases in BIR and restore their peace of mind. If this resonates with you, take comfort in knowing you’re not alone. Countless Filipinos find themselves facing the daunting task of addressing unresolved tax cases, searching for clarity within the intricacies of the tax system.

Why Tax Evasion is Costly

First and foremost, let’s address the elephant in the room: tax evasion. While it may seem like a quick fix to avoid paying taxes, the consequences can be severe. Not only does it undermine the integrity of our tax system, but it also carries hefty penalties and legal repercussions. Imagine the stress of constantly looking over your shoulder, wondering if the taxman is going to catch up with you. Not to mention the financial strain of mounting penalties and interest on unpaid taxes. It’s a heavy burden to bear, both mentally and financially.

How to Check Open Cases in BIR and Settle Your Open Cases

“Open cases,” as termed by the BIR, or “stop-filer cases,” emerge when the BIR’s Returns Compliance System flags a taxpayer for not filing the required tax returns by the prescribed due date. Such scenarios are detailed in Revenue Memorandum Order 041-11, highlighting the system’s role in monitoring compliance.

Upon registration with the BIR, taxpayers are categorized based on their income source, expected gross income, etc., dictating the specific tax returns they need to file. For instance, individuals earning solely from employment are subjected to different filing requirements than those with mixed income sources, such as business operations alongside employment. Also, professionals practicing a profession on their own in comparison to a business that hires employees will not have to pay withholding tax on compensation. Their are other scenarios that dictate what tax returns are assigned to a taxpayer. Neglecting to file the mandated returns results in the creation of an open case under the taxpayer’s name.

How to Check for Open Cases

The initial step to resolve open cases involves securing a list from the BIR, detailing the returns you allegedly failed to file. This discovery process is crucial for taxpayers to reconcile their records with BIR expectations. Some tax payers receive a letter from the BIR detailing the filings that they missed. If you feel that you have missed filings, it’s best to secure a list from the BIR Revenue District Office immediately.

Resolving Open Cases

For Filed Returns: If your records show the returns were indeed filed, prepare copies of these documents, ensuring they bear the BIR’s receiving or confirmation email. Submitting these to the BIR can lead to the closure of the open cases, as it verifies the filings.

For Unfiled Returns: Discovering unfiled returns requires for the preparation and filing of the appropriate returns, accompanied by paying the relevant penalties as dictated by BIR rules and regulations. The minimum compromise penalty for failure to file is set at P1,000, subject to increase based on the gross sales, earnings, or receipts declared in the returns. Awareness of the returns you’re required to file is essential to prevent the accumulation of open cases and associated penalties.

In Taxumo, you can actually file and pay for missed filings and open cases a year prior to the current year. Having an active subscription in Taxumo will allow you to file all of these (don’t require a processing fee for each form).

The Importance of Closing Open Cases

Proactively monitoring and resolving any open cases is important, not only to align with legal obligations but also because the BIR withholds tax clearances from taxpayers with unresolved cases. Addressing these issues promptly ensures that your tax record remains clear, facilitating smoother transactions with the BIR.

Taxumo’s commitment to easing the tax filing process includes partnering with CPA and processing partners that can help taxpayers identify potential open cases (get a list from the BIR) and navigate the complexities of resolving them (using the system). By leveraging these solutions, individuals and businesses can achieve compliance, avoid penalties, and ensure their eligibility for tax clearances.


Open cases in the BIR represent a crucial compliance issue that requires immediate attention. By understanding the causes, checking for their existence, and taking decisive steps to resolve them, taxpayers can maintain a clean slate with the BIR. Taxumo stands ready to assist in this process, offering a straightforward path to resolving open cases and securing your financial peace of mind.

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