Find out How Easy It Is to Take Advantage of the New eBIR Forms

Since October 2014, filing tax returns through eBIR forms has become mandatory for non-eFPS (Electronic Filing and Payment System) taxpayers and Accredited Tax Agents. This is true whether or not they are going to use an online tax calculator in the Philippines. Take note, however, that Taxumo is a great alternative when it comes to filing your taxes online!

This electronic system was created by the BIR to make the process of filing taxes more accurate. Through it, Filipinos have the option to delete, edit, and save information on their forms any time before submitting. In addition, the BIR will be able to collect the forms in a more convenient manner. This means that you no longer have to line up at a Revenue District Office to accomplish the task.

Find out how easy it is to take advantage of the new eBIR forms by reading below.


Who needs to use eBIR forms?

Generally, people that need to file eBIR forms are those who are covered by 2015 Revenue Regulations. These individuals are not government mandated to use the eFPS (Electronic Filing and Payment System). The people included in this group are the following:

  • Accredited Tax Agents
  • Real estate agents and real estate developers who are one-time transaction taxpayers
  • LGUs (Barangays are an exception)
  • Corporations reporting to the government
  • Accredited principal and secondary receipt/invoices printers
  • Cooperatives belonging to the government
  • People filing for a “No Payment Return” (they fall under business income or mixed income)
  • Registered National Electrification and Local Water Utilities Administration cooperatives


Who are exempted from using eBIR forms?

There’s only a select few who are exempted from using eBIR Forms. They are:

  • Purely compensation income earners
  • Micro Small Medium Enterprises (MSME)
  • Senior Citizens filing for income tax return
  • People with disabilities filing for income tax return
  • Employees qualified for substituted filing under RR 2-98 Sec. 2.83.4 but opted to pay income tax return for the purpose of Philippine National Police or Armed Forces of the Philippines promotion, loans, scholarship, foreign travel requirements, etc.


Which BIR forms are covered under the eBIR system?

The offline and online eBIR system covers 36 BIR forms under these categories:

  • VAT (Value-added Tax)
  • Excise Tax
  • Withholding Tax
  • Documentary Stamp Tax
  • Percentage Tax
  • Income Tax Returns
  • ONETT (BIR one time transactions)
    • Capital Gains Tax
    • Donor’s Tax Returns


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How do you file your eBIR Forms?

There are 2 ways to file your eBIR Forms: Online and Offline. Let’s discuss these options below.

Filing eBIR Forms Online:

To file online, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the BIR website and click eServices.
  2. Choose eBIR forms.
  3. Then, press “enrolls to eBIR forms” on the login page. An enrollment form page will come out afterward.
  4. Once you fill in the form with your details and press submit, a BIR officer will be informed.
  5. An email will be sent to you to confirm that you have successfully sent your form. Check your email for a reply after 3-5 days in case there are any corrections to be made.

The BIR website is known for frequently crashing, so make sure to use these recommended Internet browsers:

  • Internet Explorer (version 9)
  • Google Chrome (version 23)
  • Mozilla Firefox (version 17)

Additionally, take note that the eBIR form online system will automatically compute penalties if you file beyond your day of payment.

Filing eBIR Forms Offline:

BIR created an offline software package since their website often crashes. Taxpayers can also take advantage of Taxumo‘s online filing service if for any reason they are experiencing hurdles using BIR’s web portal.

The eBIR Software Package allows taxpayers to encode, save, delete information electronically even without an Internet connection.

To file your taxes offline, follow these steps:

  1. Download from the BIR website and press the “To download Offline eBIR Forms Package v7.2.”
  2. Install the software and then, look for the eBIR forms icon on your desktop
  3. Then, type in important background details, such as:
    1. TIN
    2. RDO Code
    3. Line of Business
    4. Full Name
    5. Address
    6. Zip Code
    7. Phone number
    8. Email address
  4. Then, select the type of BIR form you want to fill up (ex. BIR form 1700-Annual Income Tax return).
  5. Once a text box comes out with an ‘OK’ button, press it to move on.
  6. The BIR form you chose will now appear.
  7. You can encode the information asked by the BIR form. You can also delete wrongly inputted information if needed.
  8. Next, go to the computation part of the software. Just input your income on the “Taxable Amount” portion and the tax you need to pay for the current period will automatically come out.
  9. Next, click save and validate.
  10. Once validation is successful, you can print 3 forms to be presented at Authorized Agent Banks. Then, go back to the previous page so the software can submit your form to BIR with the email address you encoded before.
  11. Once you receive a confirmation email, you are ready to pay.

To install and use this software package, your computer needs to have the following requirements:

  • 100 MB free space in the hard disk
  • At least 2GB RAM memory
  • Java Runtime Environment version 1.7
  • Window Vista or Window 7
  • 1152 x 864 screen resolution is needed for the best view of this package


Key Takeaway

Non-eFPS taxpayers and Accredited Tax Agents can now take advantage of eBIR Forms to file their taxes, whether or not they use an online tax calculator in the Philippines.

The BIR created this electronic system so that the information being submitted by taxpayers is more accurate and is easier to collect.


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