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Lazada x Taxumo

Online selling has definitely grown in the Philippines. Through the help of Lazada, you have easy access to potential customers that will lead you to more revenue. It’s time to take your business to the next level! Register, comply and grow your business! Taxumo x Lazada are here to help you!

Steps on outsourcing your business registration application to Taxumo

(For Sole Proprietors)

Complete and collate the required documents. Keep all soft copies of the filled out forms in a folder in your laptop.

Requirements for the BIR

*Please prepare 3 copies for each form

  • Photocopy of DTI CERTIFICATE
  • Form 1901
  • Form 0605
  • Form 1905 (Stamped 1905 if you’ve transferred your RDO from another city)
  • Birth Certificate
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Photocopies of 2 Valid IDs
  • Lease Contract: If business location is rented / Title of property: If business location is owned
  • 2 x 2 pictures: 2 copies

Requirements for LGU

*Please collate the following (3 copies each)

  • 2×2 Picture of the owner
  • Photocopy/Scanned copy of 2 Valid Government ID’s
  • Birth Certificate
  • Transfer Certificate of Title/Tax Declaration (If Business location is OWNED) / Contract of Lease (If business location is RENTED)
  • DTI Certification
  • Location Map
  • 3R size photos of inside (business) and outside (Front view) of the establishment.
  • Get from the Barangay:
    • Barangay Clearance (from the Barangay; they will need to talk to the business owner themselves)
    • Zoning Clearance / Locational Clearance (from the Barangay; together with Barangay Clearance)
    • Occupancy Permit (from the building owner to be submitted in the Barangay; together with Barangay Clearance)

Other requirements needed

Please fill out these templates and print/sign 3 original copies:

To send all of these documentary requirements please inquire to or call our BizReg hotline 0906-089-0753

Wait for an acknowledgement email with the Billing Statement / Invoice. Our BizReg team checks documents every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Kindly remit payment via UnionBank as soon as possible.

Send the Payment to Taxumo, then relax and wait for the delivery of the following:

From the Municipal Hall: Business Permit, Barangay Clearance, Fire Permit and Sanitary Permit. From the BIR: Certificate of Registration (COR), Books of Accounts (Journals), and Authority to Print/Official Receipt Booklets from the BIR.

Let's Get Started!

(For processing of business registration; Tax filing and payment services not included)

Business Registration for Sole-Proprietor


*ALL-IN! The price INCLUDES Government fees and Taxumo’s Processing Fees. For non-Metro Manila registrations, for us to help process your registration, you may avail of a Virtual Office Address from our partner providers. We can endorse you to them.

Subscription Plans for Tax-Filing

Choose the perfect plan to suit your lifestyle and tax-compliance needs

Taxumo Lifeline

Keep your business open and penalty free. Specially designed for dormant businesses with 0 income, 0 expenses, and 0 wht.


8% Plan

Best for individuals who are opting in to the 8% Flat Income Tax Rate.




Micro Business

For Non-VAT Taxpayers who are not opting in to the 8% Flat Income Tax Rate. Also for individuals who have to withhold taxes.


Small & Medium

Best for VAT Taxpayers.