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Problemado sa Pagbayad ng Taxes?
P'wes: Takbuhan Mo na, Bes!

Feeling stressed about those pesky deadlines and penalties? Nakalimutan mo na naman bang magtabi ng pera for tax dues, ano? Or politician ka ba na nahuli na nag-misdeclare ng SALN (charot lang!)  


Naku Dude, Orbskie, Erap (Estrada charot uli), Chong, Bong (Revilla eme lang last na talaga ito): it’s time to put your running shoes on kasi this time, you can literally outrun your tax woes!


Mark your calendars for April 30th at the Quirino Grandstand in Manila for the Philippines’ first-ever Fund Run for Taxpayers, organized by Taxumo!  


We’re talking LEWKs, LEGGINGS, and LEAVING the taxman in the dust!  


 So hurry up because registration ends on April 1, 2024!


The Philippines' first-ever and first-of-its-kind fun run to pay for your taxes is happening on April 30, 2024 at the Quirino Grandstand, Manila!


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It’s a fun run to get funds, duh! A whole bunch of taxpayers running to pay their tax dues and penalties! This is the first-ever and only Fund Run to help you raise money for your tax dues!

Kung si BIR may Run After Tax Evaders na ganap, kami naman Fund Run…for tax evaders like you (eme!)

‘Di ka nagbabasa sabi na ngang sa April 30, 2024 sa Quirino Grandstand! Pero deadline of registration is on April 1, 2024, 11:59:59 PM. So sign up na before magkaubusan ng slots. Cut-off date and time is final, period, no erase. 

It’s free! Alam naming marami ka nang utang, kaya ‘di ka na namin pagbabayarin. Unless corrupt politician ka, in which case, usap tayo hihi.

(Oy pero hindi joke ito: for past or incumbent public officials, kesyo SK chairman ka or presidente ng Pilipinas, paki-email si Ate Gabby at

Bawat kilometro, may chance para sa premyo! You can run for 3km, 5km, 10 km, Half Marathon (21km), or Full Marathon (42km!) The first three who finish for the 3km, 5km, 10km, Half Marathon, and Full Marathon marks will win the corresponding prize:

  • 3km – That’s like, a walk in the park! But this walk comes with a chance to win ₱300,000 to settle your BIR drama! 
  • 5km – Parang takbo lang ‘yan papunta sa bangko, bes! Run this 5km and you might just be strutting to the bank with a cool ₱500,000! Yas hunty!
  • 10km – Legs werk, taxes don’t! Run this 10km and you could be chilling with ₱700,000 for a tax worry-free future! Can you even imagine?
  • Half Marathon (21km) – Kaya mo yan! ₱1,000,000 para makalimutan mo na ang tax season! 
  • Full Marathon – The ultimate tax-evader (just kidding, BIR!) – ₱2,000,000 ang pwedeng mapanalunan mo! ‘Di mo na kailangang magbenta ng FrontRow (emssss) 

Para makasali, dapat full-fledged at buong-buo (sa isip, sa salita, at sa gawa) ka na Filipino taxpayer! That means legal age ka. Hihingin namin ang iyong certificate of registration bilang patunay. But no need to present your criminal record, if meron man. 

We need your bank account details too kasi that’s where we’re depositing the money. Kung gusto mo straight-up cash, bibigyan ka namin ng milyon-milyong barya.

Taxumo Fund Runners, magbasa ng maigi:

    • Safety First: Do what the event staff and volunteers say, kween! No roller skates, strollers, or even your pet chihuahua, Tita Mildred. And wear proper running attire! Bawal naka-tsinelas, bih: safety first! Taxumo can cancel the whole thing if things get too wild, so let’s be chill. And if they tell you to stop running, stop running, okay? No heroics needed.

    • Be a Good Sport, Hunty! Let’s keep the drama out of this, plez? No yelling, fighting, or throwing shade at the organizers, volunteers, or other runners. We’re all here to sweat it out and maybe win some serious cash, so let’s keep it cute! If you have any beef about the results, you got one hour after they’re posted to complain. Put it in writing and either give it to the event staff or email our race organizer Ate Gabby at Don’t be messy.
    • Spill the Deets, Swissies! ️When you’re registering, make sure you fill out that form with all the juicy info: age, gender, emergency contact (preferably someone in Manila, okay?) Don’t try to change things last minute, because that ain’t happening. Registration is first-come, first-served. Cut-off for registration is strictly April 1, 2024 at 11:59:59 pm. Huwag makulit!
    • Rock Your Race Number Like the Kakaibabe that You Are! That bib with your number? Wear it loud and proud on your chest! There’s a timing chip thingy on the back, so don’t fold it, wrinkle it, or hide it under your jacket. Accurate timing is key to winning that sweet moolah, so don’t mess it up! If you don’t wear it right, your time might not count, and that’s a major bummer. Oh, and if you lose your number, you gotta re-register. Comprende?
    • Diyos ko, Don’t Be Late! Get to your starting area on time, okay? No hopping over fences or sneaking in like a ninja. That leads to disqualification, which means no prize money and bragging rights. Once a corral closes, you gotta wait for the next one. And if you miss the flag-off by 15 minutes, sorry mhie, but you ain’t running.
    • Time to Shine! Your official time starts when you cross the starting line and ends when you cross the finish line. The fastest runners win based on gun time, which means the time from the horn to the finish line. Get ready to show off your speed, honey!
    • Stay On Track! The course has gotta be followed, just like the latest fashion trends. Stay within the marked areas, don’t ditch the course for a shortcut, and don’t help your friends cheat. Unregistered pacers or extra runners are a big no-no.
    • Leave the Weapons at Home! This ain’t The Hunger Games or yung bardagulan n’yo sa barangay Comembo, so ditch the knives, pepper spray, and other dangerous stuff. No flammable liquids, giant packages, booze, drones, or glass containers either. They’ll give you the whole list of banned items, but trust me, it’s all the stuff that could ruin everyone’s fun.
    • Rules Can Change, Keri? The race organizers can tweak the rules if we need to, so don’t get mad. Our decision is final, so just roll with it. You can find the official results two days after the race on this page.

Now that you’re all prepped, let’s get ready to run, win, and maybe even pay off some taxes with that prize money! Yassssss! Tag us at your photos and use the official hashtag #TaxumoFundRun2024 

Ay bet! Email us at

Daming tanong! E-mail us at na lang. 

Thanks to our sponsors for making this happen!

So what are you waiting for? Why run from your taxes when you can run for tax funds at the first-ever and first-of-its-kind Taxumo Fund Run!