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Navigating Japan Visa Requirements: Guide for Philippine Passport Holders

Planning a trip to Japan? The first step to your dream vacation is to get through the visa application process successfully. To help you do just that, here’s a detailed guide on the Japan visa requirements for Philippine passport holders, especially highlighting the needs for self-employed individuals and business owners.

General Japan Visa Requirements:

1. Original Passport Ensure it’s signed, valid for at least six months beyond your intended stay, and has at least two blank visa pages.

2. Visa Application Form Must be printed on A4 size paper and filled out correctly. If any item is not applicable, enter [N/A].

3. Passport-Sized Photos (Two Copies) Size 4.5cm x 4.5cm or 2×2 inches with a white background, taken within the last 6 months. Paste this onto the application form.

4. Birth Certificate Should be issued within the last year from PSA Main Office/Serbilis Outlet Center.

5. Marriage Certificate (If Married) Also required to be issued within the last year from PSA.

6. Daily Schedule in Japan Detail your planned activities for each day of your stay.

7. Bank Certificate This document should be valid within three months from the date of issue.

8. Income Tax Return (ITR) A clear and latest copy of your Income Tax Return or ITR. For employed individuals, this will be a copy of your 2316 form.

Special Requirements:

For those with a Guarantor in the Philippines:

  • Guarantee letter
  • Proof of relationship
  • Guarantor’s bank certificate and ITR form 2316

For Non-Filipino Nationals:

  • A copy of their Alien Certificate of Registration (ACR)

For Employees:

  • Employment certificate
  • Copy of PRC/IBP ID (if applicable)
  • Company ID

For Business Owners:

  • Business registration from DTI or SEC
  • Business or mayor’s permit

For Students:

  • School ID

For Retirees:

  • Senior citizen card or retirement documents
  • Marriage certificate if traveling with a spouse

For Foreign Nationals Residing in the Philippines:


If the Company is Sponsoring the Trip:

  • Company’s guarantee letter, bank certificate, business documents, and ITR

Do check out the Embassy of Japan in the Philippines website here:

For Self-Employed and Business Owners:

It’s crucial to have proof of your financial status when applying for a Japan Visa. As a self-employed individual or business owner, one of the key documents you need to present is your Income Tax Return (ITR). This serves as proof of income and can significantly impact your visa application.

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Important Notes:

  • Ensure all documents for application are in A4 size.
  • If you have an old passport with a used Japan visa, you may be exempt from submitting the birth and marriage certificates.
  • It is important that you submit all of these Japan visa requirements. Ultimately, the decision to grant a visa rests at the discretion of the embassy.

Keep in mind, the key isn’t just to supply the necessary documents, but also to ensure they are well-organized and neatly presented. Good luck with your Japan visa application, and enjoy the Land of the Rising Sun!

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