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Finally, an App That Does Your Quarterly Income Tax Returns For You

Get Philippines #1 Tax Software to prepare, file, and pay your BIR Form 1701Q for you online!

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All About the BIR Form 1701Q

The BIR Form 1701Q, also known as the Quarterly Income Tax Return is a tax form for taxpayers in the Philippines who earn income from business operations, practice of profession, or mixed income sources (individuals who are employed and have a business or profession, too). This form allows taxpayers to declare their gross income and allowable deductions on a quarterly basis, ensuring that they meet their tax obligations systematically throughout the year. It is particularly important for self-employed individuals, professionals, and those with several income streams to maintain accurate and timely tax filings to avoid penalties and interest for late submissions.

Filing the 1701Q form correctly is important for maintaining compliance with the Philippine tax regulations. The form helps the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) assess the proper tax due each quarter, preventing any discrepancies that might arise from annual lump sum payments.

For ease of filing and to minimize errors, taxpayers can use online platforms like Taxumo, which streamline the process of calculating and submitting 1701Q forms. These platforms ensure that taxpayers can fulfill their fiscal responsibilities efficiently, allowing them to focus more on their business or professional growth while staying compliant with tax laws.

Here's a guide on how to file 1701Q using Taxumo

The most convenient way of filing your Quarterly Income Tax Returns

Here’s why 80,000+ users all over the Philippines use Taxumo

Multiple Payment Channels

Skip the lines at the bank by paying through our different payment channels. Pay using credit/debit card, Paypal, and even through your favorite pawnshop.

Access Anytime, Anywhere

Taxumo is open 24×7 so you can take care of your taxes anytime, anywhere. Finally, you can file your taxes even if you’re on vacation!

Auto-Generated Tax Forms

Forget about filling out those complicated tax forms yourself. Your forms are automatically filled out by Taxumo in one click!

Real-time Tax Calculation

Ever experienced “tax bill shock”? With Taxumo, you don’t have to. Taxumo shows you updated tax dues in real time.

Submission of Attachments

The process to create attachments is especially tedious. Taxumo will automatically create the relevant QAP, SAWT, and SLSP/VAT Relief attachments for each filing.

Mobile Friendly

Taxumo also works on mobile! As long as you have a smartphone, you can file and pay for your taxes anytime, anywhere

Trusted by our customers

Here are some of the customers that use Taxumo to file and pay their taxes.

“Taxumo helps me free up my time. I don’t have to schedule my week around tax deadlines anymore.”

Client Raffy
Raffy Vicente

RV Marketing and Consultancy

“Paying taxes should not be a pain every month. You can just go online and submit through Taxumo-it’s easy as that.”

Client Rach
Rach Bonifacio

Studio Owner Treehouse Yoga

“Because of Taxumo, I don’t have to worry about taxes. All my passion, all my energy, and all my time can go to my business-and most impor-tantly my family.”

Client Frances
Frances Sales

Writer and Editor – Topaz Horizon

Ready to file your BIR Form 1701Q?

You can try Taxumo for Free with 0% Commitments or you can schedule a demo to see how you can easily start filing your Quarterly ITR online.