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Taxes made easy for online sellers

Hey There, Online Seller!

If you’re running an online business here in the Philippines, you’ve probably felt the challenge of figuring out how to do taxes. On top of that, you’re also juggling the roles of marketing, sales, inventory management, customer service, shipping, and so much more.

But we understand that tax computation and tax filing should be the least of your problems. That’s why we created Taxumo – to simplify your tax process. With Taxumo, you can manage bookkeeping, tax filing & payment, and cash flow management all in one place. Let us take care of the taxes so you can focus on growing your business.

Hey Online Seller, already registered to the BIR?

Then this plan is for you!

Online Seller Plan

✔ 1:1 Tax Consultation To Help You With Tax Category and Other Questions

✔ Tax Filing of ALL Required BIR Forms

✔ Digital Bookkeeping

✔ Free setup of Taxumo Account

As low as 399/month!

Let's jumpstart your Online Seller Journey

Choose the options that you think can help you start with your Online Seller Journey.
We’ll help you with your Business Registration, Bookkeeping, Tax filing, and more

Affordable Tax Filing for
Online Sellers

Starts as low as P399/month!

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  • Annual Income Tax
  • Quarterly Income Tax
  • Percentage Tax Return
  • 2307 Attachments and more
  • BIR Format – Books of Accounts
  • Additional account delegation for 2
  • Forms & Attachments up to date with BIR regulations

Watch How To Subscribe with Taxumo

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What You Need To Know As An Online Seller​

According to RR 7-2024, if you have multiple transactions that are each under 500 pesos, you can combine them into a single sales invoice. This means you don’t need to issue a separate invoice for every small transaction, making your bookkeeping simpler and more efficient.

Yes! You should definitely register your online business. According to RMC No. 55-2024, online sellers are required to register their business until July 15, 2024, giving them more time to complete your tax registration and compliance.

At Taxumo, your privacy is our priority. We strictly follow data privacy, ensuring that all your information is safe and secure. Rest assured, all your transactions are fully protected. You can trust us to keep your details private!

BMBE (Barangay Micro Business Enterprise) was created to support micro businesses under the industries of production, processing, or manufacturing of products, including agro-processing, as well as trading and services. However, BMBE does not cover professional services from PRC licensed professionals such as Doctors, Lawyers, Accountants, etc.

You qualify if your total assets are less than 3 million pesos and you are only operating within a barangay. While you are exempt from paying Income Tax, you still need to file your Income Tax Return, Annual Income Tax, and pay your Percentage Tax.

Also make sure that your suppliers also issue Sales Invoices. BMBE is required to use the Graduated Itemized Deduction method, so all expenses must be listed.

If you want to learn if you’re qualified with BMBE, check with our Accountant Partners for consultation.

Taxumo can help you with your taxes in two ways. Firstly, we offer a service called Taxumo Accountant Buddy, where we connect you with a professional accountant to guide you through the tax process. But if hiring an accountant isn’t in your budget, don’t worry! Taxumo is also made for people who aren’t experts in accounting. Our system is easy to use, so you can handle your taxes yourself without hiring an accountant.

The most convenient way of filing your Tax Forms

Here’s why 80,000+ users all over the Philippines use Taxumo

Multiple Payment Channels​

Skip the lines at the bank by paying through our different payment channels. Pay using credit/debit card, Paypal, and even through your favorite pawnshop.

Access Anytime, Anywhere​

Taxumo is open 24×7 so you can take care of your taxes anytime, anywhere. Finally, you can file your taxes even if you’re on vacation!

Auto-Generated Tax Forms

Forget about filling out those complicated tax forms yourself. Your forms are automatically filled out by Taxumo in one click!

Real-time Tax Calculation​

Ever experienced “tax bill shock”? With Taxumo, you don’t have to. Taxumo shows you updated tax dues in real time.

Submission of Attachments

The process to create attachments is especially tedious. Taxumo will automatically create the relevant QAP, SAWT, and SLSP/VAT Relief attachments for each filing.

Mobile Friendly

Taxumo also works on mobile! As long as you have a smartphone, you can file and pay for your taxes anytime, anywhere