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The #1 Tax App
Made for
Social Media Influencers &
Content Creators

With Taxumo, social media influencers and content creators can make sure their business is legitimate and tax-compliant. Taxumo is the perfect tax compliance tool for non-accountants to easily track cashflow and file & pay taxes.

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Benefits of Using Taxumo for Social Media Influencers & Content Creators Like You

Here’s why thousands of self-employed professionals, freelancers, licensed professionals, and small business owners all over the Philippines use Taxumo.

Save Time & Money

A normal process of preparing, filing and paying for your taxes usually takes days to accomplish. The average time spent of a customer lining up in a bank to make payments ranges from 30 to 60 minutes, on a good day. It only takes a few minutes to do it all with Taxumo.


Do Everything in as Fast as 3 Minutes

Access Wherever, Whenever

A normal process of preparing, filing and paying for your taxes usually takes days to accomplish. The average time spent of a customer lining up in a bank to make payments ranges from 30 to 60 minutes, on a good day.



File Taxes From the Beach, Park – Anywhere You Have an Internet Connection, Really!

No More Confusing Tax Forms

Taxumo eliminates the confusion of filing your tax and all the forms needed.


We make sure that you are equipped with the necessary forms based on the taxpayer type you declare. No need to memorize the tax forms you need. for your business.


100% Accurate Filing!

Always File on Time

Taxumo helps customers stay on top of their compliance requirements by providing reminders way ahead of the deadline to ensure on-time filing of requirements to avoid an average late filing penalty charge of PHP 4,000 for compromise fees for zero tax dues.


100% on Time Tax Filing!

Complete View of Your Cashflow

An international survey showed that 70% of freelancers are struggling with income and savings. To combat these challenges, Taxumo provides you with a dynamic view of your cashflow. This helps you plan your finances better!


Get a Full View of Your Finances 24/7

Mobile Friendly

Gone are the days where you need to scramble to get to offices just to do taxes. Ain’t nobody got time for that anymore. Taxumo looks great on mobile! As long as you have a smartphone, you can file and pay for your taxes easily.


100% Online. 100% Mobile-Optimized!

Don’t Know a Single Thing About Taxes?

Learn How to Get Started the Right Way

Get a step-by-step tutorial on how to get started with your profession or business by understanding the registration process in a very easy non-intimidating way.

Know All the BIR Forms You Need to File

BIR Forms can be confusing! But, the good news is, you don’t have to learn everything. As you understand more what type of taxpayer you are, you will be able to focus on only the important forms you need to file–trust us, it’s not a lot!

Never Miss a Tax Deadline Ever

Life can get in the way of staying compliant with taxes but that should not stop you from trying! Taxumo will teach you about all the deadlines and even help you file them without lifting a finger.

Taxumo Features You Can Try Today

We developed the best business features suited for your tax compliance needs.

Tax Calculator

Taxumo helps you keep your finances in check.

Forecast your spend in advance by knowing how much tax dues is expected from you.  

Try Taxumo’s Free Tax Calculator to get a headstart on your finances. Just key in your income and expense and voila!

Process PAG-IBIG & SSS Contributions

Taxumo helps you pay your Government contribution without a subscription plan. 

Don’t miss out on any Government contributions like PAG-IBIG & SSS. These are important investments that your future self will thank you for.

File Your Annual ITR Form

Taxumo helps you get Income Tax Return Form easily! Even without a subscription plan, you can use Taxumo to file your Annual Income Tax Return. This BIR Form will help you get access to better loan rates and will be useful if you plan to travel internationally.

Consult With a Tax Expert

Got burning questions about taxes? 

Taxumo works with vetted and attentive CPA partners who can offer direct guidance and support for you. 

Pay Taxes in Installments

Shocked about your Tax Due Bill? Taxumo can help. 


Taxumo allows you to pay your tax dues and subscription fee in installments via our Bill Pay Day feature.

Personalized Tax Reminders

Avoid Tax Bill Shock with always on updates on deadlines made just for you. 

Taxumo ensures timely filing of your Tax Dues personalized to you. No need to worry about other forms, you’re just reminded about what you actually need to file. 

Taxumo Solutions & Plans

We have the perfect plan to suit your compliance needs!


For those who want to try out our basic features. Experience Taxumo’s real-time calculation of your taxes.


*does not include the filing of forms

8% Plan

For influencers who only file income tax because they chose the 8% Income Tax Rate.


*one time payment for 2 years

Micro Business

For Non-VAT individuals who need to file more than just income tax forms.


*one time payment for 2 years

Small & Medium

For VAT taxpayers, partnerships, and corporations. All other forms can also be filed on this plan.


*one time payment for 2 years


Made for freelancers like you

“Taxumo helps me free up my time. I don’t have to schedule my week around tax deadlines anymore.”

Client Raffy
Raffy Vicente

RV Marketing and Consultancy

“Paying taxes should not be a pain every month. You can just go online and submit through Taxumo-it’s easy as that.”

Client Rach
Rach Bonifacio

Studio Owner Treehouse Yoga

“Because of Taxumo, I don’t have to worry about taxes. All my passion, all my energy, and all my time can go to my business-and most impor-tantly my family.”

Client Frances
Frances Sales

Writer and Editor – Topaz Horizon

Ready to file your taxes online?

Try Taxumo for FREE with 0% Commitment! You can also schedule a demo to see how you can easily start filing your taxes taxes online.