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Taxumo BizReg for Licensed Professionals

Doctors, Architects, and other Licensed Professionals, we can help you out! We offer BIR Registration assistance, so that you can focus more on building your profession!


Steps on outsourcing your business registration application to Taxumo

(For Licensed Professionals)

Complete and collate the required documents.
Documents that you need to get from your Municipal Hall:

  • Professional Tax Receipt (PTR) or Professional Permit (PP): Please bring your PRC license
  • Barangay Clearance

Please prepare 3 copies for each form

To send all of these documentary requirements please inquire to or call our BizReg hotline 0906-089-0753

Team Taxumo will check the completeness of your documents. We will send an acknowledgement email with the Billing Statement / Invoice. Our BizReg team checks documents every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Send the Payment to Taxumo, then relax and wait for the delivery of your Certificate of Registration (COR), Books of Accounts (Journals), and Authority to Print/Official Receipt Booklets from the BIR.

Let's Get Started!

Send us an email for any other inquiries that you may have!

Professional Registration


(Exclusive of actual government fees/ Inclusive of processing fee & VAT)

Business Registration FAQs

Here are the answers to your questions. Hope these will help clarify things!

About Documents

This Municipal / Barangay requires personal appearance since they want to do due diligence of the business owners and professionals conducting business in their city.

Some Revenue District Offices require it, and some don’t.

So you may submit your documents without it, but in the event the RDO will require it, we will get back to you and we will need you to send it to us to continue processing your registration. The Occupational/Professional Tax Receipt can be requested from your municipal hall.

For each of the form, please fill out the following fields:

FORM 1901

  • Name
  • Address
  • Contact Number
  • Mother’s Name
  • Father’s Name
  • Email Address
  • TIN
  • Date of Birth

FORM 0605

  • TIN
  • Name
  • Address

FORM 1905

  • TIN
  • RDO
  • Name
  • Part II: 4E Change in registered address

If your business address is outside metro manila, we can refer you to our partner offering “virtual addresses” that business owners could use for their business. Unfortunately, we can’t service provincial areas for EasyReg yet.

If your business is within metro manila, write your business or residential address. Please be sure that you have either a Lease Contract or the Copy of the Title of this address.

If you are an employee before and your business/residential address is different from city of your past employer, you will have to follow these steps:

1st step:
– Fill out form 1905.(see FAQ #4)
2nd step:
– Submit your form 1905 to your old RDO.
3rd step:
– Ask when will your RDO approved your Transfer of RDO (Usually it takes 1 week)
4th step:
– Go back to your old RDO on the date they said and the they will give you document it can be your Form 1905 with the stamp saying that your RDO approved your Transfer of RDO.
5th step:
– Submit the document you received to us together with the other requirements.

*If you don’t have time to follow these steps, we can help you with that just fill out your Form 1905 and submit it to us together with other requirements but there will be additional fee for that. Just send us an email if you are interested.

We will need the physical and original documents. Please create 3 copies each. Once accomplished and collated, please send them to Business Registration Team: Taxumo Inc. at Level 10, Fort Legend Tower, 3rd Ave and 31st Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. Our office number is (632)3681899.

About Payments

After receiving the physical copy of your documents, our team will be sending a billing statement / quotation for you to go over ad pay for. The amount will be split into the processing fee that we charge at Taxumo and the fee that will be used for actual government and processing expenses (ex. Courier to send the documents back to you , notarization fees, etc.) 

For the fees, you can deposit it to our UnionBank account or GCASH account. The bank details / mobile number will be included in the billing statement that will be sent.

This is the current commercial pricing of Taxumo.

Income/Expense Tracking
Received 2307 Entry
Real Time Tax Calculation
Delegate AccessAdd-on
Books of Accounts ViewAdd-on
Late Filing250**
Non-VAT Forms2551Q250*per filing
Personal Income
Tax Forms
1701Q250*per filing
8% GRT8% Gross Receipts TaxTBA

✓ – FREE

* Submission will be by end of April after the end of March
** Additional (on top of filing cost)

The price for 1701 and 8% GRT are still to be announced.  We will also have Taxumo PRO is being sold at an introductory rate of Php 1450. This is already included in your access. Taxumo PRO includes access to our Books of Accounts view and two (2) additional access right to your information.

Metro Manila Registration

After receiving the invoice that we sent out (before starting the registration process) Php 5,200
After 15 days – Second Payment Php 5,000
After 15 days – Final Payment Php 2,950

Non-Metro Manila Registration

With Virtual Office With Partner Processor
Endorse you to 25D Virtual Offices; Let us know if you will avail this. We will wait for their advice on your payment. Php 12,000
After receiving your documents (please use the virtual office’s address), we will send the invoice (before starting the registration process) Php 5,200 Php 5,200
After 15 days – Second Payment Php 5,000 Php 3,000
After 15 days – Final Payment Php 2,950 Php 2,950
TOTAL PAYMENT Php 25,150 Php 11,150
*Payment should be via Deposit to our UnionBank account. *Please let us know if you want to pay via PayPal. PP charges to be absorb by the client.

Yes, this will cover all of the registration expenses. Unless, you need to submit FORM 1905 (see FAQ #5). We will show you all of the receipts and forward all copies to you.


Includes on-year use of Taxumo Functionalities for Income/Expense Tracking, encoding 2307 entries and Real Time Tax Calculation. Your package includes filing of 2551Q and 1701Q, excluding filing of 1701 form (Annual Income tax Return) for 2019 (Pricing for this has yet to be determined and released).

You can opt not to avail that especially if you are from CEBU but other than that if you are from other province we won’t be able to process your registration since we (physically) do not have a team in your area to process it for you. Having a virtual address in Manila will allow us to be able to help you. But, we can still guide you on how to register as a licensed or non-licensed professional. Here is an article created by our COO in her blog:

We’re still finding for partner processor around the philippines.

Only Filipinos can avail this package. If you are non-Filipino, you will need to open a Corporation or a Partnership.

Some RDOs require it, so just to be sure, we are requiring you to pass an SPA to save time. If you are from Pasig City (RDO 43), you will surely need to fill out this document. You can simply insert your name, address and TIN on the blank spaces. Print them in 3 copies and sign. Our partner processor will take care of the notarial service.

Additional Services

For now we won’t promise that we can secure your OTR/PTR but we can try.Just let us know which city you are in and we’ll confirm to sir Rey Macrohon if it is possible 🙂

For Makati, their Municipal hall does not issues OTR – Copy of contract will suffice.

For Muntinlupa and Pasig they have an additional requirement that will need personal presence for securing Health Certificate as a requirement.

For Taguig , they need personal presence of the person securing an OTR.

Yes. We will need you to submit all the documents you will get from the municipal hall like the following:
  • DTI
  • Lease Contract if Rented
  • Birth Certificate
  • 1 2×2 ID picture
  • Valid ID Copy
  • Picture of Business Address (Inside and Outside)
Here is the additional rate for Sole Proprietorship:
Additional Fees for Out-of-Scope Work Payable to Rey Macrohon
Processing for Barangay, Business Permit 1. Barangay Permit 2. Business Permit +   Actual Projected Fees*note that miscellaneous / projected actual fees will be known during actual filing As soon as requirements are submitted Php 12,000 + 1. Barangay Permit – Php 1,000.00 2. Business Permit – Php 6,000.00

Yes. You can avail our package where we will help you to convert from VAT taxpayer to Non-VAT taxpayer, one year use of Taxumo (unlimited filings with Taxumo PRO access.

Price Rate For cities:
Php 7,200 Makati, Taguig, Manila, Mandaluyong, Muntinlupa, Las Pinas, Paranaque, Calamba, Binan
Php 7,700 Other Greater Manila Cities

TAKE NOTE: This package from Taxumo at Php 2,950 includes one year access to file 2551Qs and/or 1701Qs (excluding the annual 1701). It also include Taxumo PRO features. While the Php 1,000 or Php 1500 charges are from our partner who will process your Form 1905.


  • Form 1905
  • Special Power of Attorney
  • Original Copy of COR
  • Books of Accounts
  • Official Receipts

Here are the things you need to fill out in Form 1905 for changing from VAT to Non-VAT:

  • TIN
  • RDO Code
  • Name (we recommend to double check your COR and check the matching fields there
  • Part II-6G: Under Tax Types write “Value-Added Tax” (BIR will fill out the rest of these fields.)
  • Part II-10: Fill out and sign these sections.
  • The Audited Financial Statements and Income Tax Return forms for the past 3 years

If you are getting a virtual office, please feel free to email so that we can refer you to our partner virtual office provider. You can freely discuss specifics of their service and the payment arrangement with them.