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How To Do A 3-Step Facebook Ads Audit for Your Client

How To Quickly Do A 3-Step Facebook Ads Audit for Your Client

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How To Do A 3-Step Facebook Ads Audit for Your Client

As part of our mission to help you focus more on your passion, we at Taxumo will be inviting various experts here on our blog to guide you on how to grow your business effectively. 

Below, digital marketing specialist Julian Cañita shares his expertise on Facebook advertising to help you grow your client’s business.

Are you a freelancer looking to get hired as a Facebook ads specialist?

Welcome to the club!

I’ve been that guy for the past two years, and the thing that’s helped me the most in landing my clients is my pleasing personality.

Just kidding.

When I pitch to clients, I tell them that my expertise is Facebook Ads and what I’ve done. But those are just words. They ask for portfolios.

The thing is, because of technicalities we do not need to get into in this post, I’m not able to show any of my previous work as a Facebook Ads specialist.

What I do instead is to conduct an audit of the potential client’s Facebook ad account. I ask for analyzer’s access, go through the ad account and map out what I plan to do for the business.

If you’re kind of in the same situation as I am and need help converting those prospects into clients, I’ll share with you how I do a quick Facebook Ads Audit.

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