SAVE and GET more out of your tax due filings with Taxumo’s Xennies

Where You Can Use Xennies

Taxumo Filing Fees

Use your Xennies to pay for our Taxumo platform fees, and get more than twice the credit amount with our GrabPay Promo.

Taxumo Subscription Plans

You can also use your purchased or earned Xennies as payment for an upgrade to our Prepaid or Premium Plans.

Government Payment Fees

Pay your government dues with Xennies when you upgrade to a Premium Plan!

Xenny Exchange Rate

Xenny Promos

Three Ways on How To Started with Xennies

Purchase Xennies with our GrabPay Promo

  1. Login to your Taxumo.com account. If you haven't one, sign up now.
  2. Click on the Purchase Xennies tab at the bottom of the left sidebar.
  3. Select your Xennies pack you want to purchase. Choose GrabPay as your payment option, and in return, you get more Xennies out of your peso.

Use Xennies to pay your platform fees

  1. After calculating your tax dues and clicking “File Now” on a pending tax card, proceed to checkout.
  2. On the Payment Checkout Page, choose your preferred payment option at the left side. Select “Use Taxumo Xennies”, then click the “Pay Now” button.
  3. That’s it! Your taxes have been successfully remitted.

Earn more Xennies each time you successfully refer a friend!

  1. After a successful tax filing, you will get your unique affiliate code which you could use to refer a friend to Taxumo.
  2. Want to edit your affiliate code? just right-click your name and select “My Account”. Then type your new code in the Referral Code box.
  3. Once your friend signs up, you and your friend will get 50 Xennies each! You can view the Xennies you’ve earned in your account.

Got More Questions?

Visit our FAQ Page, or email us at customercare@taxumo.com