Taxumo PRO -- Bookkeeping made easy!

Tired of writing bookkeeping entries? Taxumo helps you do it easily!

Taxumo PRO reports can also be legitimately accredited with the BIR, which means you will never have to deal with manual, handwritten books of accounts anymore.

Why Should I upgrade to PRO?

Reports ready for Loose Leaf BIR-Accreditation

No more tired hands from writing on your manual books all day. Just print your reports and bind them at the end of the year – ready for submission to the BIR!

*Approval of Taxumo PRO Reports as loose leaf is required.

Formatted and Printable Reports

Easily generate properly formatted reports that are compliant with the format required by the BIR.

Print out your reports as offline reference, and as loose leaf of your manual books of accounts.

Easy Exportable Reports

Export your reports into CSV files that you can further format and even upload into other systems you may be using.

Free Onboarding Call

Have a Taxumo customer service representative help you set up your account and help you maximize Taxumo.

Unlock Exclusive Promos and Discounts

Avail of special deals and promotions from selected partners and brand. You can find the list of partners and offers here.

Delegate Access

Nominate up to two delegates who can file your tax returns on your behalf.

Taxumo Pro

Create an account and then upgrade to Taxumo PRO.


Steps on How To Get your Loose - Leaf Accreditation using Taxumo Reports

Step 1

Subscribe to Taxumo PRO or any of our DIY Subscription or Premium Plans. Use our system for at least a month (BIR will need a month's worth of data).

Step 2

Fill out BIR Form 1900 and print out the 4 Books of Accounts reports* from Taxumo

Step 3

Submit your Form 1900, together with your Certificate of Registration (COR), Letter of Intent, and printed Taxumo PRO reports for the 4 books to your BIR RDO officer.

Step 4

Wait for 4 to 6 weeks for the approval and release of the Permit-To-Use (PTU) Loose Leaf from the BIR. Once approved, you're done!

*If you're from Metro Manila, you're in luck! We'll take care of Steps 2 and 3 for you. Just send us a note at with your name, TIN, and City/RDO, so that we could start the process.

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