Taxumo Pro

In addition to core Taxumo features, you can also generate your books of accounts (cash receipt journal, cash disbursement journal, general ledger, general journal) and delegate access to your company profile.

Php 2,500

per year

Books of Accounts

Generate Books

Based on the income and expenses you've entered, Taxumo can quickly generate the entries that need to be in your various books of accounts in the correct format.

Print Reports

You can also print out the reports for easier copying and as an offline reference.

Export to CSV

You can export the books into CSV files that you can further format and even upload into other systems you may be using.

Note: This feature does not replace your physical books. BIR still requires every taxpayer to update their books manually.

Access Delegation

Nominate up to three delegates who can file your tax returns on your behalf. By submitting through Taxumo, you can ensure that your tax forms are indeed being submitted and that the tax dues are being remitted to the BIR. No more horror stories about trusted people running with your tax payments.

taxumo pro