Xenny and GrabPay Promo FAQ's

What are Xennies?

Xennies are Taxumo credits that you can use to pay for your Taxumo processing fee, or for other Taxumo services ( ie. Upgrading your DIY standard account to a Prepaid Subscription Plan).  Note that these credits cannot be used for the payment of your actual tax dues. For such, you may choose from our payment options here.

What are the perks of using Xennies?

Using Xennies to pay for your Taxumo transactions provides you with an added convenience within the app. For one thing, you are saved from having to pay any transaction fees relating to other payment options such as via Paypay or DragonPay. When you purchase Xennies, you only have to pay for the actual worth of Xennies, without any additional transaction cost. You also get the chance of decreasing your transaction fees thanks to various ways that you can earn Xennies for free.

How can I purchase Xennies?

Log in to your dashboard, and click on “Purchase Xennies” on the left side toolbar. You will then be brought to a page where you can purchase bulk Xennies that you may use for various Taxumo transactions.

How I can I earn more Xennies with the GrabPay Promo?

Good news! Taxumo has partnered up with Grab to bring you a new payment option – GrabPay!

Now you can use your GrabPay wallet to pay your tax dues. To celebrate this newest partnership, Taxumo users who purchase Xennies using their GrabPay account get 10% worth more of Xennies! For example, you get an additional 50 Xennies for free for a total of 550 worth of Xennies when you purchase using GrabPay. Please note that promo runs from June 15 to September 30, 2019, so take full advantage of this while it lasts!

I’m definitely not missing out on the GrabPay Promo! How do I purchase Xennies with GrabPay?

Just select your desired bulk amount and click on the “Purchase” Button.  You would be automatically be brought to the payment checkout page, where you could use your GrabPay account to purchase Xennies. Don’t have a GrabPay Account yet? Click here to get started!

How else can I earn more Xennies?

Did you know that you can earn xennies when you successfully refer a friend to Taxumo using your unique referral code? You and your friend get 50 xennies each, which you can both use to deduct from Taxumo’s transaction fees!  Simply click on “My Account” below your name found on the right-most corner of the Taxumo dashboard. Enter your preferred code on the “Referral Code” box on your company profile. Once this has been done, you are ready to share the joy of easy online tax filing with your loved ones and friends, plus earn Xennies while you’re at it!

I still have more questions. What to do?

We’ll be glad to assist! Email us at and we’ll be right with you as soon as we can.