Pay taxes online instantly with your wallet!

You can now use your wallet to pay taxes via Taxumo, straight from your phone! File and pay your taxes online instantly even without a bank account or credit card.

Benefits that
You will get

Auto-Generated Tax Forms

Forget about filling up those complicated tax forms. Everything is automatically filled up and generated.

Real-time Tax Calculation

Avoid tax bill shock and stay on top of your taxes by knowing exactly how much to pay.

Multiple Payment Channels

Skip the lines at the bank through our different payment channels like Paypal and online banking.

Access Anytime, Anywhere

Whether you're at home or abroad, you can easily access your information and pay your taxes through your computer or smartphone

How Taxumo Works

Enter your income and expense

The only thing you need to do. You won't need those calculators and spreadsheets anymore because we compute your tax dues in real time!

Click a button

With a click of a button, tax forms ( 2551Q, 1701Q, 0619E, 1601EQ) are automatically filled up and submitted. No more printing and filling up those complicated tax forms!

Pay online

With our wide range of online payment channels, you can pay your tax dues at your own convenience. No more long lines and trips to the bank!

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For Non-VAT Individuals & Sole Props who want to DIY

The DIY Tax Submission Tool for individuals and sole proprietors. With additional power-ups available via Taxumo PRO.


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