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Filing and paying taxes can be a dreading task, especially if you’re going to do it manually. Because of this, our government launched eFPS bir gov ph, a system which lets taxpayers file and pays their taxes online.

The eFPS or Electronic Filing and Payment System is developed and maintained by the BIR. It allows you to avail of a paperless tax filing and settle them wherever you are as long as you have a strong internet connection. It’s also available for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays.

How do I register with the BIR eFPS?

  1. Go to using your internet browser.
  2. Login with your credentials, then “Enroll to eFPS’ link
  3. The eFPS enrollment form will appear. Complete the required fields and click the “Submit” button.

After submitting your form, BIR will send you an email to inform you if your enrollment is approved or not. Expect an email within 3-10 working days.

Once approved and activated, you can e-file and e-pay your taxes within eFPS.

Seems easy, right? However, the eFPS system is only available for top 5,000 individual taxpayers, top 20,000 private corporations, large companies, government bidders, insurance companies, stockbrokers, and national government agencies.

So if you’re a freelancer or a small biz owner, then you can’t use the eFPS. You have to file and pay your taxes manually.  

How do I file my taxes manually if I’m not allowed to use eFPS?

  1. Fill-up BIR Form 1700 (for employed) and BIR Form 1701 (for self-employed)
  2. Proceed the Authorized Agent Bank (AAB) of the Revenue District where you registered and submit your BIR Form. Include the required attachments and your payment.
  3. Get your copy of the stamped and validated form from the teller of AAB.

Keep in mind that the line is usually long at RDOs and you might have to spend a whole working day for this.

Fortunately, there’s an online tool like Taxumo that can help you settle your taxes. Unlike eFPS, Taxumo will file and pay your taxes even if you’re not a top taxpayer or a large business owner. No restrictions, no fuss. Just enter your income and expenses, and Taxumo will do the job for you including paperwork, submitting it to the BIR, and paying your tax dues.

Visit Taxumo today and get started for free!

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